Works from Guatemala by Jenni M. White
Artist Statement

I have enjoyed creating art from an early age. I particularly enjoy the colors, textures and sensibilities that different places possess. Creating art is a way for me to “own” and process my life experiences.

These pieces were inspired by my time and experiences living in Guatemala. We moved to Guatemala in the spring of 2007 to be our daughter’s foster family until her adoption process could be completed and we could bring her home to Kansas. During our 8 month stay there, I grew to love the country of our daughter’s birth.

Guatemala is a land of great beauty, yet marred by poverty and instability. Color stands out everywhere in the tropical, undeveloped mountainous lands filled with volcanoes and frequented by earthquakes. Beauty bursts forth in shades and hues in the markets, replete with flowers, fruits, vegetables and hand woven tapestries. Poverty keeps most people living in poorly constructed houses with dirt floors. Life there is often simple and slow and about survival.

My aesthetic experience of Guatemala is conveyed in my paintings: a vivid sense of colors, earth tones brightened by brilliant floral, fruit and vegetable colors; melancholy faces, marking the life of work and poverty; and a roughness found in the board I used as a canvas.

My hope is that you will experience, in these paintings, a glimpse of a place far removed from our country and culture, and a quieting, if only for a moment, of the busyness that surrounds us here.

Nueve a Uno 2010 © Jenni M. White // Collection of the Arists

Blue Heart 2 // Mixed Media

Rolando // ©2011 Jenni M. White

Collection of Stephanie Cady

La Madre

La Madre // ©2010 Jenni M. White

Blue Heart 1 // Mixed Media

Niña de Chichicastenango // ©2008 Jenni M. White

El Domingo de Ramos by Jenni M. White

El Domingo de Ramos © 2008 Jenni M. White

Las Frutas © 2008 Jenni M. White

Las Frutas © 2008 Jenni M. White // collection of Nancy and John Redding

El Parque ©2015 Jenni White // Collection of Chelle Schaffer

El Mercado ©2015 Jenni White

Las Palmas ©2015 Jenni White / Collection of Meg Banning

Chichicastenango ©2015 Jenni White

Las Flores ©2015 Jenni White

Ave del Paraiso ©2009 Jenni White // Collection of Lorrie Lowe

Plaza Mayor Antigua ©2009 Jenni White