A great ring of pure & endless light
Dazzles the darkness in my heart
And breaks apart the dusky clouds of night.
The end of all is hinted in the start.

When we are born we bear the seeds of blight;
Around us life & death are torn apart,
Yet a great ring of pure and endless light
Dazzles the darkness in my heart.

It lights the world to my delight.
Infinity is present in each part.
A loving smile contains all art.
The motes of starlight spark & dart.
A grain of sand holds power & might.
Infinity is present in each part,
And a great ring of pure and endless light
Dazzles the darkness in my heart.”
Madeline L’Engle

Lately I’ve been grieving so many things: violence, all sorts of injustice, poverty, systematic injustice and my part in it, sexual harassment and violence … And I’ve been wondering, “Is the Church really helping us in any of this?” Sometimes the divisions in the Church seem like a greater stumbling block then all the other things toward helping people see God. So this painting began as a dark one. I was processing my grief and anger at the Church. But in the midst of it, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me leave it there. It was as if the painting was teaching me, “God isn’t surprised or taken off guard by this. He can handle it.” And then I began to see the images I was painting in a new way. Suddenly, the landscape and even the image of an abandoned, old, deteriorating church were filled with a “great cloud of witnesses.” And I knew that God still sends his Holy Spirit, even to the divided, often broken Church. Because if the Church misses it or gets it wrong, “the rocks will cry out.”